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Basic Endoscopic Skills Trainer

Formerly a GECO project, the BEST is a low-tech, practical and smart simulator, developed specifically to allow you to train in the handling of the endoscope and its instruments.

* sans utilisation du numérique

The exercises offered allow you to work on your  dexterity in a playful way thanks to exercises proven during numerous training sessions.

In addition, it was designed from its conception to be scalable: new exercises and modules will be offered to allow you to train on different specialties, and this while always keeping the same simulator!

Des exercices variés pouvant s'adapter à votre niveau

Usable by human AND veterinary practitioners!

Whether in human or veterinary medicine, the number of exploratory or interventional endoscopy procedures is constantly increasing.

Practitioner, training center or head of department, the BEST will be your best ally  to allow everyone to practice endoscopy.

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Interested? Contact us for a quote!

Vous êtes responsable de formation, chef de service ou endoscopiste humain ou vétérinaire? N'hésitez pas à nous contacter à l'adresse mail ci-dessous en indiquant "Demande de devis BEST" en objet de votre mail!

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