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Canine neuro surgery



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Ecole de Chirurgie de Nancy - Hopital Virtuel de Lorraine

Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, Lorraine, FRANCE.

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This 3-day training program is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in veterinary neurosurgery, with a particular focus on practical skills and technical competencies. Practical workshops and clinical case discussions will allow participants to apply the knowledge gained and develop their expertise in neurosurgery.

Highlights of this programme include:

1.    Comprehensive coverage of key topics in veterinary neurosurgery, including basic principles, common surgical techniques and advanced procedures.
2.    A practical focus, with hands-on workshops allowing participants to develop their technical skills and gain experience on models.
3.    Clinical case discussions and surgical planning sessions to help participants apply the knowledge gained and solve complex problems.
4.    A balanced approach between theory and practice, with lectures and workshops complementing each other to provide a comprehensive learning experience.
5.    A focus on post-operative management and neurosurgical complications, to ensure that participants are well prepared to manage the challenges that may arise after surgery.

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