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Therapeutic validation

Our team offers to carry out studies for you, turnkey.

From the writing of the project, through the realization and until the restitution of the project and the results, the VIT team  will be able to respond to your various requests.

We are already working on different types of pre-clinical models. Studies can be conducted on different axes:

  • Hemodynamic study

  • Study  functional

  • Behavioral study

The pre-clinical models are diverse and numerous (small or large)

Pre-clinical models

  • Models with infarction

  • Models with venous insufficiency

  • Models with sphincter deficiency  

  • Hystology  

  • Type 1 diabetes models

Medical imaging

  • PET / SPECT / MicroPET

  • X-ray

  • MRI

  • To scan

  • Ultrasound

Study of constants

  • Hemodynamic evaluation

  • Functional assessment

  • Catheterization  with Millar® probes

  • Pressure/Volume Curves

Therapeutic validation

  • Valve repair

  • Placement of prostheses

  • Placement of valve rings

  • Installation of valves

Surgical manipulations

  • Achievements of surgical procedures

  • Chronic placement of devices

  • Acute Device Placement 

Functional Digestive Support

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